This temple of Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Temple has come out aesthetically pleasing with all structural details attributed to  South Indian  temple architecture.  The main sanctum is superposed   with two-tired  Vimanam  of height 15′.4″ with conventional and aesthetical elements.  Similarly there is three-tired Gopuram of height 20′.8″ atthe    entrance to the  temple.  The measures  employed in the  fabrication of  various parts of Gopuram      and Vimana are so designed as to resonate with each other and give a symphonic effect to the whole. I have heard that this small temple has enjoyed wider popularity and started attracting one and all – the press and the public. .

The space of the main sanctum measuring 9′.77/8″ is equal to the musical rhythm and the effect of it on human system will be for promotion of physical welfare and spiritual well being. This dynamics of the main sanctum is the secret behind  Hindu Temple  form  and hence this pattern of  temple is repeated everywhere in   the Indian sub-continent.  I am very happy to  saythat     this tradition is brought to    African shores,  so that the Africans and Indians, living in this part of the country may also  share the peace  and prosperity  enjoyed by the Indians  from time immemorial.

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